Green Cell (AD12P) AC adapter 65W za HP, 18.5V/3.5A, 7.4mm-5.0mm


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– Voltage: 18.5V
– Warranty: 36 months
– Power: 65W
– Amperage: 3.5A
– Colour: Black
– Product code: AD12P
– Manufacturer: Green Cell
– Size: 10,9 x 4,7 x 3,1 cm
– Weight: 224g
– Included: 1.2m power cord, user manual, warranty card
– Plug type: round with pin (7.4-5.0mm)
– Series: PRO
– Safety: thermal, overvoltage, short circuit protection
– Total cable lenght: over 2m

– Compatible with following devices
HP ZBook 14,HP PPP009D,HP Compaq Presario,HP ProBook 5320m,HP EliteBook 2540p,HP EliteBook 2570p,HP G56,HP Pavilion G6,HP Pavilion DV7,HP Pavilion DV5T,HP Pavilion DV5TSE,HP Pavilion DV5Z,HP G61,HP G72,HP G60,HP G60T,HP 1000,HP 2000,HP 2000T,HP 2000Z,HP 245 G1,HP 250 G1,HP 255 G1,HP 430,HP 431,HP 435,HP 436,HP 450,HP 650,HP Pavilion DM4,HP Pavilion DV4,HP Pavilion DV5,HP Pavilion G32,HP Pavilion G4,HP Pavilion G42,HP Pavilion G56,HP G50,HP G51,HP G71,HP Compaq nc6320,HP Compaq nx6310,HP Compaq nx6315,HP Compaq nx6320,HP Compaq nx6325,HP Compaq nx6330,HP Compaq nx7400,HP Compaq nx9420,HP EliteBook 2530p,HP EliteBook 8440p,HP ProBook 6460b,HP ProBook 6465b,HP ProBook 6470b,HP ProBook 6475b,HP ProBook 4320,HP ProBook 4320s,HP ProBook 4320t,HP ProBook 4321,HP ProBook 4321s,HP ProBook 4325s,HP ProBook 4326,HP ProBook 4326s,HP ProBook 4420s,HP ProBook 4520,HP ProBook 4520s,HP ProBook 4525,HP ProBook 4525s,HP ProBook 440,HP 500,HP Pavilion DV6,HP ProBook 445,HP ProBook 4510s,HP ProBook 4515s,HP G42,HP 240 G1,HP 246 G1,HP G62,HP 510,HP ProBook 640,HP ProBook 645,HP EliteBook 2170p,HP EliteBook 740,HP EliteBook 750,HP EliteBook 755,HP EliteBook 840,HP EliteBook 850,HP EliteBook Revolve,HP Mini 5100,HP Mini 5101,HP Mini 5102,HP ProBook 4330,HP ProBook 4330s,HP ProBook 4331,HP ProBook 4331s,HP ProBook 4340,HP ProBook 4431,HP ProBook 4431s,HP ProBook 450,HP ProBook 455,HP PA-1650,HP PPP009H,HP PPP009L,HP 677774,HP Envy DV4,HP ProBook 4410s,HP ProBook 4510,HP ProBook 4511s,HP ProBook 4515,HP ProBook 4720,HP ProBook 4720s,HP Pavilion DM3,HP Pavilion DM3Z,HP Compaq nx6313,HP Compaq nx6363,HP Compaq nx7300,HP Compaq nx8120,HP Compaq nx8200,HP Compaq nx8230,HP Compaq nx8240,HP Compaq nx8400,HP Compaq nx9400,HP Compaq nx9440,HP Pavilion DM1,HP 3115m,HP 3125,HP EliteBook 2730p,HP EliteBook 2740p,HP ProBook 4310,HP ProBook 4310s,HP ProBook 4311,HP ProBook 4311s,HP ProBook 4730,HP ProBook 4730s,HP ProBook 4740s,HP ProBook 5300,HP ProBook 5310,HP ProBook 5310m,HP ProBook 5320,HP PA-1900,HP Compaq TC4400,HP EliteBook 720,HP TouchSmart TM2,HP TouchSmart TM2T,HP 239427,HP 239704,HP 384019,HP 391172,HP 463552,HP 463958,HP 519329,HP 577170,HP 608425,HP 609939,HP 609948,HP 613152,HP 613161,HP 683513,HP 693710,HP 693711,HP A065R00AL,HP A065R03DL,HP HSTNN,HP PPP009,HP PPP014H,HP 243 G1,HP 4320T,HP EliteBook 2100,HP EliteBook 2500,HP EliteBook 2700,HP EliteBook 2740w,HP Mini,HP Mini 2140,HP Pavilion DM3T,HP Pavilion DV3,HP ProBook 4230s,HP ProBook 6730,HP ProBook 6730b,HP ProBook 6735,HP ProBook 6735b,HP ED494AAABA

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Kod dobavljača: AD12P

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