Canovate 42U 800x1000x2033 INORAX-ST podni ormar, crni (CSN-9-4280F)


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– Inorax-ST, a cost effective network rack cabinet system fulfills high density cabling and data center requirements. With its modular structure, it’s a practical option for your future plans.
– Offers advanced fiber and copper cable management options; helps simplify cable installation and maintenance while providing maximum cable capacity for your high-density cabling requirements.
– A wide range of cable management accessories is available to ensure perfect management of copper, fiber cables and 19” equipment. Flat-pack option enables savings up to 60% in the transport cost and warehouse space.

• Front door with safety glass
• Solid Side Panels with cylindrical locks and latches
• Solid Rear Panel with cylindrical locks
• Internal top sheet with 3 cable entries for 800 width, 1 cable entry for 600 width racks and fan cut-outs
• 2 Pairs of depth adjustable heavy duty 19” Mounting Rails
• 2 Pairs of Adjustable Feet
• Front Door with swing-handle single point lock
• Bottom cover with 3 cable entries for 800 width, 1 cable entry for 600 width racks

– Material: 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0 mm Steel
– Color: Black
– Compliance: RoHS, UL Certified
– Packaging: Unassembled
– Maximum Static Load: Up to 1500 kg. (600 mm x 600 mm)
– Finish:
• Doors, side panels, top and bottom covers. Electrostatic Powder Paint
• 19” mounting rails: Zinc-plated
– Height (U): 42U
– Outer Width (W) mm: 800
– Outer Depth (D) mm: 1000
– Outer Height (H) mm: 2033
– Inner Width (w1) mm: 703
– Inner Depth (d1) mm: 950
– Inner Height (h1) mm: 1873
– 19” Rails Adjustable Depth Range (c): 123-773
– Weight (kg): 133

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Kod dobavljača: CSN-9-4280F